I received a message near middle of the night last month and she/he was asking what should he do or eligible for the claim when he touch down as his/her luggage went ‘missing’.

i advice as accordingly and share with him the steps to take and what are needed.

meanwhile i file the claims notification after the soft copy are sent to me and i lias with the travel insurance company for the filing.

and the claim went successful and client claims $325 for each insured person for the baggage delay. 

and $50 for the damage baggage ( another claim) .

baggage delay

Most importantly , the claims are fast and efficient.

Some of the documents are needed.

  1. boarding pass
  2. report of luggage delay
  3. luggage tag ( that will be good to have)
  4. call agent to fill up the claim form and explain what happen :

    Travel are an joy and a break for us. sometime things might happens and travel insurance is the one that might help us to relief in certain way. 🙂



*Claims must be submitted and underwrite by the underwriter for accurate assessment. This is just for information only. 







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